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Custom CMS: Why Use It For Your Website?

Tech Community Nepal CMS(Content Management System) is one of the applications of software that allows the users to create, manage, and modify the digital content simply. In general, CMS is a tool, which helps the user manage their content. There are two types of CMS available: Custom CMS and Open Source CMS.

When creating a website for your business, there lie several options in front of you and you have to choose the best to achieve success in this era of digital marketing. This step comes with a lot of confusion and tough decisions. One of the biggest confusion that surely comes across while creating the website is which CMS to choose, either Custom CMS or Open Source CMS. Open Source CMS is a software system that is developed in such a way that any users are allowed to modify and add new features of their choice because the design is made publicly accessible. In the same way, Custom CMS is a proprietary system that is built and maintained by a single company. With custom CMS you can have full control of your business over the functionality and update. If you are not planning to expand your business, sales, or improve services then Open Source CMS can be effective for your plan. But think once, the business is not considered to be successful until you try to grow or expand your business. Custom CMS has a variety of benefits that might help to make your business successful.

Let Us Discuss Some Reasons Why You Should Have A Custom CMS:

Open Source CMS like WordPress offers plugins that seek to help the individual business meet their needs, but these plugins still only add limited functionality. Above all, Custom CMS enables you to build the platform to your exact specifications. As everyone knows that this digital world is full of hackers and viruses. So you need to be extra careful with the security of your valuable information. When it comes to security Custom CMS comes at the top as it provides you more protection against such hackers as compared to Open Source CMS. Because the code in Custom CMS is known to two parties only: the development team and the client. This can make it much more difficult for hackers to cause any damage because they are unfamiliar with the system. The uniqueness of your website is what makes you different from others. Custom CMS provide you with fully different website structure and website designs. Whereas Open source is just a drag and drop CMS solution that makes the sites all look alike with only a little difference. Good things take more time to develop. So, although making a custom CMS website takes a longer time than Open-Source solutions, Custom CMS comes with your development partner, who will be an expert in the entire platform. It means you can reach out anytime whenever an issue occurs and fixed it significantly quicker. Similarly, another important benefit of using Custom CMS is that it speeds up your website. An Open Source CMS needs to work for millions of users, which in turn slows down the loading speed of your site. So, going with Custom CMS can help you avoid falling into this problem and help you succeed. In short, Open Source CMS like WordPress is good and effective if you have a small business or if you don’t want to expand your business. But if you are planning for bigger operations and would like to gain many competitive advantages, then the best option for you is to hire a development team and let them build a custom project for you.