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Why Tech Community Nepal for Graphics design and Corporate branding?

Graphics design is a mix of the right information and the right technology, and they’re vital for any type of business. “An image can convey a lot of information”. And so, in just a few seconds, a first impression will tell a lot about who you are and the sort of business you are doing. Leads will not be developed if your customer or client does not understand the nature of your company’s business. Well, there are other ways to express information such as letters, sentences, or content. But a visual means the most striking way that directly hits the audience’s mind.

Tech Community Nepal is a graphics design company in Nepal that specializes in providing high-quality services. TCN employs graphic designers with established track records. We offer a complete graphic design service to assist you in communicating your objectives through new ideas.

Besides, corporate branding is the process of using your company’s name for overall advertising to give your business a separate identity. The secret to success in today’s world is that a brand must be unique. We at Tech Community Nepal build a one-of-a-kind corporate branding plan for you that no one else has ever done before.

Tech Community Nepal provides a variety of graphics design services, including logo design, brochure design, banner design, landing page design, and business card design.

Our graphics design team collaborates to give your business an eye-catching brand that will help you stand out in this changing marketplace. TCN’s graphic designers have the knowledge and experience to produce visually attractive, high-quality concepts for your business. We make sure that the entire design we produce exactly satisfies the needs of the client.

Our graphics design team follows some special steps to produce an effective output:
  1. First, briefing the project with the client. 

A briefing is the most important phase in the entire process. At this stage, our team gathers a lot of information about the client’s objectives, their company’s purpose, vision, and targets, as well as their facilities, so that this vital component can be turned into the final design.

  1.  Second, research and discovery.

After receiving a summary from the client, we search for all related information and begin our study. The research aims to ensure that we do not duplicate or create something too close to other competitors.

  1. Brainstorming and sketching the concept.

The fusion of briefing and research sets us in a direction to generate some ideas. Then we introduce those ideas to our clients, and only the idea that our client agrees on is chosen.

  1. Building the design

At this stage, our team begins developing several versions of the chosen ideas using different design tools. Here, we present the draft concept to our clients and request suggestions.

  1.  Present the final result.

We create the expected concept by considering all client feedback. And, yes, the final design will be done on schedule and by all of the requirements.

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