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Powerful web and IT solutions with our experts on hand to guide you every step of the way.

With affordable prices, our wide range of products and services are designed to help your business succeed in the digital world.  We are accompanied by highly qualified experts who are committed to deliver the client outcomes.  We have been providing the services to our client since a year or so, a formally registered company at New Baneshwor, Kathamandu, Nepal. We promptly believe that technology should be an enabler with the intension to provide accurate insights and data, allowing our team to offer superior quality work done to customers all over the globe.

Just take a moment to look around, consider the exceptional IT service offered by the IT company in Nepal. Understand the values of technology deployment and IT support for corporate business in Nepal.  Identify the value of long-term career opportunities by availing our support resource.

From technical to professional support, from customer support to sales support grab every bits of opportunities. Over years, we have successfully maintained and implemented dozens of IT company. This has allowed us to scale up and become more productive.

We firmly believe in collaboration, so we primarily listen to your needs and Organization background. Being a pro IT provider, we believe in right tool and solution to un-complicate day to day work. We monitor, advise, support and secure data.

If you run a business globally, our IT company with tech service team is here to benefit your business. Inefficient systems can down turn your leads, so instead of trying to get it done by yourself or wait for any under experience technicians to get it correct, you might be letting go high revenue.  We are committed to provide complete IT solutions to our clients.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse team and love learning from each other. Whether teaching each other Spanish, sharing holiday traditions or exploring a new technology, we thrive when we push boundaries. Meet our team!

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Meet our Founder & Director of Tech Community Nepal who is very much motivated and leading this team to deliver these services. He brings more than 7 years relative exposure in this field. Mr. Baral is MIT graduate, Software Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Certified Network Security Expert, Certified Cyber Security Expert and Ethical Hacking.

Prabin Baral

Founder, Director
Software Engineer, CCNA, CNSE, CCSE

Meet our Business Development Manager Shashikanta Sitoula. He brings his experiences into this industry of more than 2-3 years. He is a BSCSIT graduate, who has worked for many companies as network admin as well as Analyst. He holds many more certifications from Cisco Academy, Red hat and Microsoft as well.

Shashikanta Sitoula

Business Development Manager, Web Developer
CCNA, CCNP, Network Analyst

Shubrat Upadhyay

Meet our Project Manager, Shubrat Upadhyay of Tech Community Nepal. He manages the Software Development teams to build and maintain a suite of high quality software products for our customer. He is BSc Horns in Computing graduate and have relevant experiences in this field.

Shubrat Upadhyay

Project Manager
BSC Horns in Computing

Meet our Marketing Manager Sushant Malepati of Tech Community Nepal. He brings experiences on this industry and more passionate on promoting our brands to clients. He is BSCSIT graduate and have relevant experiences in this field.

Sushant Melepati

Marketing Manager
BSC CSIT Graduate

Meet our Business Communication Expert from Australia, Santosh Sadashankar from Australia, who is MIT graduate and dedicated on expanding our business all over Australia.

Santosh Sadashankar

Business Communication Expert, Australia
MIT Graduate

Meet Sijan Neupane, Android and Web Developer at Tech Community Nepal. Currently pursuing Bachelors degree in CSIT with 2+ years experience in Android Development. Specialized in scalable, enterprise-level application development and IT solutions for high throughput.

Sijan Neupane

Android | Web Developer | Human Resources Manager

Meet our Social Media Manager, Subash Neupane who is a Bachelors in IT graduate dedicate on reaching our services to clients via social media handles.

Subash Neupane

Content Writer, Social Media Manager
BIT Graduate

Meet Elish Budhathoki, Graphics Designer and Multimedia Expert at Tech Community Nepal. He holds Bachelors degree in Multimedia and do have more than 2 years exposure in designing and multimedia.

Elish Budhathoki

Graphics Designer and Multimedia Expert
BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies

Meet Aakash Karki of Tech Community Nepal who is a Bachelors graduate in IT and who insights his experiences in the field of digital marketing and SEO optimization from last 5 years.

Aakash Karki

Digital Marketing Consultant

We Create Digital Experiences

Tech Community Nepal emphasizes on client satisfactions rather than any thing else.

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